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The long-term success of any construction project depends on good preconstruction planning.


If our preconstruction professionals are brought in on the design phase, they can provide constructability analysis, cost modeling for various building systems, budgeting, materials and methods selection analysis, life cycle costing and scheduling estimates. If the drawings are construction-ready, we provide estimating services, along with scheduling, value engineering, equipment review and coordination, construction staging and site management.

Getting the right information in the planning stage of a project can result in long-term savings, both in construction costs and maintenance expenses.




Structura owns your project from A to Z.

A departure from the traditional design-bid-build development model, a design-build project lays all the responsibility on the general contractor’s shoulders. An owner or developer hires a general contractor to both design and build a new building or a renovation, minimizing the owner’s risk and consolidating the overall schedule by focusing all the accountability for a project on one entity.


Self-Performed Work


Structura is different from most general contractors in Texas in that we are builders, not just brokers of construction services.

As a self-performing general contractor, we use our own labor force to accomplish certain critical path components on a project, such as framing and drywall, concrete work and carpentry. Because our expert laborers are on the job, we can more easily set the schedule for the job, as well as maintaining the highest level of construction quality and jobsite safety. Our trade partners follow our good example, and the client reaps the rewards.


Sustainable Construction


According to the US Green Building Council, buildings in the US account for:

  • 65% of our electricity consumption

  • 36% of our energy use

  • 39% of our greenhouse gas emissions

  • 30% of our raw materials use

  • 30% of our waste output (136 million tons annually)

  • 12% of our potable water consumption


As a part of our commitment to the world our children will inherit, the Structura team has several LEED accredited professionals throughout the company. We are members of the US Green Building Council, Balcones Chapter, and have experience with green building preconstruction services, building LEED certified projects, and providing the documentation necessary to attain or maintain a building’s LEED status.

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