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Structura is committed to a safe workplace. Safety is seen a value to all members of our team and Our Safety Director, Juan Suarez’s approach to safety is to be a resource to our project teams when planning for the safe execution of our work AND NOT to be a policing authority. Juan, visits each job site a minimum of once per week to perform inspections and safety audits. We require proper personal protective equipment at all times including hard hats, safety glasses, and work boots. Structura also understands that safety starts with an organized job site.

A clean job site is a safer job site, as well as a more productive job site.
“Accidents are not an inevitable part of construction work. Accidents can be prevented.” These words reflect the company’s determination to establish the best safety record possible. Safety is considered one of the company’s primary critical success factors, and the attention it receives from all employees and subcontractors is reflected in our record.


Our excellent safety record means minimal project delays caused by injuries or unsafe conditions. In our quest to constantly improve, we are shooting for a zero accident year, a difficult goal, but one that we consider realistic.


Construction Safety Program

EMR:      2018 .65,      2019 .67,      2020 .66,      2021 .66,      2022 .71,      2023 .71

We are excited about our record year last year of no recordable, lost times with over 200,000 manhours as a

self-performing general contractor.

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