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MedSpring Urgent Care

MedSpring Urgent Care, an Austin-based operator of urgent care centers that distinguishes itself with a boutique atmosphere just added this central Austin location to its portfolio. The project features 3,800sf of urgent care clinic include waiting rooms with flat-screen TVs and complimentary beverages and snacks as well as a fully equipped x-ray room with lead shielding through the room’s construction.

Keeping the second floor tenants operating during structural shoring operations, demolition, and construction on the first floor and while the exterior facade remodel work was under construction was a monumental task. This 50 year old building required extensive asbestos abatement and major structural modifications and upgrades to the existing wooden structural elements to accommodate the new state of the art Medspring Clinic features and medical equipment. Extended ceiling heights were a major opponent to overcome and careful coordination was required to fit all the new HVAC ductwork above the acoustical grid ceiling system. Receipt of the approved building permit and approved permanent power service from Austin Energy were two other huge hurdles to jump since the new electrical service upgrades required to power Medspring needed extensive re-engineering and greatly increased voltage before final city power connections could be completed within the short 8 week construction timeline.

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Austin, TX

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