5 secrets of a successful build-out that you should know!

1. Communication

Sharing information is absolutely vital. Constantly communicating the project’s goals, challenges and action plans will keep all project stakeholders in the loop and abreast of the project’s direction. Without communcation, how can the team address or clear up any upcoming hurdles or potential pitfalls? Communication, communication, communication…

2. Early purchasing

3 out of 4 project delays stem from materials or equipment that were not released in time to meet the project’s schedule requirements. Release all materials and equipment as EARLY as practical.

3. Culture of collaboration

A culture of mutual respect and camaraderie between the owner, design team, general contractor and all subcontractors is an ingredient that every successful project must have.

4. Cash is king

Cash is KING.  Keeping the money flowing on any given project will result in a steady stream of work throughout the course without grumbling or unnecessary rocks in the road.

5. Crisp close-out and zero defects

A contractor who continuously critiques and corrects their own work, as well as gathers the necessary close out documentation as projects progress (rather than waiting to the end of the project to start this process), will consistently produce a superior end result.